6 August – 10 September 2023

OPENING TIMES – 11:00 – 22:00

FOR INFORMATION: 333 3921744

The Goldsmith Art of the Banci Sisters Inspired by the Duchy of Urbino

From August 6th to September 10th, the precious works inspired by the Urbinate period by Banci Banci will be on display, free of charge, in the heart of Urbino, known as “Urbs picta”.

Daniela and Marzia Banci:

«An homage to our homeland on the 42nd anniversary of our goldsmith workshop in Padua.»


On Sunday, August 6th, the exhibition “In luce l’oscurità volgendo” will open at Galleria Cavour in Padua, featuring the works of artists Daniela and Marzia Banci, on display until September 10th.

This collection showcases unique jewelry pieces inspired by the Marche region, the birthplace of the two artists, who are dedicated to reinterpreting the historical and cultural events of the Duchy of Urbino through their precious creations, reflecting their deeply personal vision. It is a one-of-a-kind endeavor where the Banci sisters trace the evolution of the Duchy from its origins to the extinction of the Della Rovere dynasty, including prominent figures who interacted, in various ways, with the dukes.

In celebration of the 42nd anniversary of their first goldsmith workshop in Montegrotto Terme, at the foot of the Euganean Hills, in the province of Padua, on August 5th, 1981, Daniela and Marzia Banci pay tribute to their past as the starting point of their development in contemporary jewelry design.

Both graduates in architecture, they have embarked on a retrospective and introspective journey to delve into their origins, which has influenced their expressive language, allowing them to individually and complementarily elaborate on the history of Urbino through insights and reflections.

Marzia Banci characterizes her jewelry through historical and architectural elements of Urbino, reimagining them in brooches dedicated to fortresses that enhance the beauty of these strongholds—gemstones encased in the Marche territory. On the other hand, Daniela Banci’s artistic research takes inspiration from the Studiolo of the Ducal Palace of Urbino, the most intimate space within the building, drawing inspiration from the personality of Federico da Montefeltro, his culture, intellectual choices, and aesthetics.

Thus, Marzia Banci’s brooches, pieces of jewelry that find an ideal place near the heart of those who wear them, bring back to life the dukes of the Montefeltro and Della Rovere dynasties on silver plates adorned with gold and steel frames, engraved and adorned with stones that allude to history or characters. The process involves collaboration with professionals and artisans who contribute to enhancing the goldsmith’s work with small paintings on silver plates. This modus operandi harks back to the Renaissance workshops, the forge of creativity, with references to history, philosophy, and nature, particularly the serene childhood in the Marche countryside, conveyed through highly evocative compositions.

During this journey across Italy’s fabric, Daniela Banci draws inspiration from the Illustrious Men of the Studiolo: philosophers, poets, scientists, ingenious men, Church doctors, exemplars of virtue for the Duke. The necklace “Anchise Enea ed Ascanio (Europa semperfugiens)” recalls Virgil and the episode from the Aeneid through a choker with three discs representing the main characters, assimilating Europe to Aeneas, eternally wandering. The brooch “Il mito della caverna” pays homage to Plato, just like the necklace “Civitas Terrena – Civitas Dei”, dedicated to Petrarch and Saint Augustine, composed of two rectangular plates, engraved and embossed, separated yet united at the same time. The music of the Studiolo also inspires Daniela Banci: from the anthem of the necklace “Canzona Bella Gerit,” alluding to a pentagram with musical notes, to the one about Mnemosyne and the Muses and its mythological significance. These works involve the continuous manipulation of geometric shapes, combined with unusual technical solutions, resulting in a remarkably clear formal purity that excellently informs all compositions.

“In luce l’oscurità volgendo,” in collaboration with the Cultural Department of the Municipality of Padua, will be open daily from August 6th to September 10th, from 11 am to 10 pm, at Galleria Cavour, located in the square of the same name, with free entry.

Iris Rocca

Marzia Banci
Designing jewels is indispensable
After her diploma in Applied Metal- and Goldsmithing Art from the Art Institute Apolloni in Fano (Pesaro-Urbino), Marzia graduated from the University of Venice IUAV with a degree in architecture (her thesis was on urban planning).
Her jewels originate from her meditation about essential life themes. Her analysis of myths, archetypes, biology, poetry, theology, philosophy and architecture provides her with groundwork to design her creations.
Daniela Banci
Her creations are never complete in themselves
Born in Pesaro, Daniela graduated from the Art Institute in Fano specialising in Applied Metal Arts and Goldsmithing. She later received a degree in architecture from the IUAV (University Institute of Architecture, Venice).
Their shapes are the visible consequence of their inner life. They are constantly attuned to the environment or the people, to history or materials. An essential requirement of her jewels is their ability to shift and rotate.

Marzia Banci

Daniela Banci