their creations come from their soul

Michela Manzolini is one of the people linked to the Banci Banci jewels, a bond that comes from feeling their creative meaning and it is built on the interaction between

everything that is in the shadows wants to go out

The second video by Alessandro Dall’Olio linked to the creative philosophy of Banci Banci. Journalist, poet and writer, Alessandro Dall’Olio is the author of numerous collections of poetry and for

they are not jewels, they are a piece of art

Each Banci Banci jewel is a unique product, taking shape from an intense dialogue between soul and body. The heartfelt materializes in precious materials through the proven goldsmith experience. Its

words around a creative philosophy

Sharing a creative path is a road built on inputs, research, emotions. The artifacts that represent it condense an unspecified number of worlds that compare and interpenetrate themselves. Alessandro Dall’Olio

a conversation with andrea ferrato

Andrea Ferrato has been working in communications for 25 years, and since 1999 with the Internet, focusing on its social and personal effects. He now collaborates with Banci Banci in

a conversation with vittorio spigai

Architecture is one of the keystones in Daniela and Marzia Banci’s training and artistic evolution. Among the figures who have contributed towards enhancing the exhibition Tradition in Modernity there is

a conversation with umberto curi

Umberto Curi is one of those people whose philosophical ideas have inspired Daniela and Marzia Banci’s works, and has contributed towards making the exhibition Tradition in Modernity more meaningful. Umberto

a conversation with ornella casazza

Here is a passage from a conversation between Daniela and Marzia Banci and Ornella Casazza, the curator of the exhibition Tradition in Modernity. In 1974, after a seven-year apprenticeship, Ornella

Daniela and Marzia Banci, Goldsmiths. Tradition in Modernity

Organised by the City of Padua – Local Government Culture Department – this exhibition traces Daniela and Marzia Banci’s nearly 40 years of luxury jewellery-making. The two sisters first trained

Ornella Casazza interviews Daniela Banci

When did you choose to make jewellery as a way to express your creativity, and when did you realise it was your life passion? I was born in Pesaro and