the new banci banci jewels

Cactus – Marzia Banci The ring pays homage to the Jardin de Cactus (Cactus Garden) in Lanzarote. The plant, basking in the sunshine, still and spiky, shows the geometric perfection

nos ames sont

Julie Gautier requested me to create some “suitable ballast to favour her dynamic movements in water.” The ballast also had to be the same as the one expressed in Zazie‘s song Nos

two wonderful people

We met Mr and Mrs Schlender many years ago (thirty to be exact) in our goldsmith workshop in Montegrotto Terme. Mr and Mrs Schlender are lovers of the Baths and

the jewels always surprise me with their creativity

Between casualness and curiosity, you can discover the Banci Banci’s jewels. On a day of shopping in Abano Terme, Giulia Spigai enters the atelier and comes into contact with a

two of the most important women in my life

Living in a creative environment is always an experience full of possibilities, regardless of personal attitudes. Angelica Basso, daughter of Daniela Banci and nephew of Marzia Banci: her childhood in

each jewel is a little cosmo

Another part of the conversation with Helena Karmasin. Helena Karmasin, Viennese, has been collecting Banci Banci for 15 years. “Each jewel is a little cosmo” Helena Karmasin – Wien from

a meeting of joy and beauty

An exciting day, many special people in a place full of positive energy. Pinetum 05 took place on Saturday 29 September in the prestigious Villa Gaeta Pinetum in Moncioni, Montevarchi.

banci banci at pinetum 05

An invitation welcomed with great pleasure. On the 29 of September, Banci Banci will be the guest of Pinetum 05, a biennial of art and design, this year’ dedicated to

the jewel is completed when it is worn

The third video by Alessandro Dall’Olio linked to the creative philosophy of Banci Banci. Journalist, poet and writer, Alessandro Dall’Olio is the author of numerous collections of poetry and for