words around a creative philosophy

words around a creative philosophy

Sharing a creative path is a road built on inputs, research, emotions.
The artifacts that represent it condense an unspecified number of worlds that compare and interpenetrate themselves.

Alessandro Dall’Olio give his interpretation the main creative philosophies of Banci Banci; he makes them his own and transports them into new worlds that we end up feeling neighbors, words that resonate in harmony between our sensitivity and the jewels.

Journalist, poet and writer, Alessandro Dall’Olio is the author of numerous collections of poetry and for years he has organized and coordinated initiatives related to art and theater.

This first intervention, like the ones that will follow, have been realized within the Teatro degli Angeli of Bologna, which we thank for their collaboration.


Il prezioso non è un accessorio – Alessandro Dall’Olio per Banci Banci from Banci Banci on Vimeo.

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