they are not jewels, they are a piece of art

they are not jewels, they are a piece of art

Each Banci Banci jewel is a unique product, taking shape from an intense dialogue between soul and body.
The heartfelt materializes in precious materials through the proven goldsmith experience.
Its fulfillment remains dynamic in the encounter and the contact with the wearer every day.

The relationship between the goldsmiths and their collectors has always been very important because “personal”.
For Daniela and Marzia there are no customers but people who find distinctive elements of their individuality in their goldsmith’s narration, the jewel ones become an extension of their being.
But what do the people who wear the jewel Banci Banci think?

Helena Karmasin, Viennese, has been collecting Banci Banci for 15 years.
We met her in the Abano Terme laboratory.
What she had to say about the Banci sisters and their work was particularly interesting.
We thought to collect her words, her impressions, and make them shared with those who were not there.

“They are not jewels, each of them is a piece of art” Helena Karmasin – Wien from Banci Banci on Vimeo.

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