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Daniela Banci, The Dukes of Urbino Necklace, 2023, sterling silver, 750 white gold, 750 yellow gold, rock crystal, Ø 21 cm
This work pays homage to the Dukes of Urbino, whose rule started in 1443, when Oddantonio da Montefeltro received the title of Duke from Pope Eugene IV, and ended in 1631, with the death of Francesco Maria II, the last duke of the House of Della Rovere. The necklace is made up of four curved, jointed frosted silver plates on which seven yellow gold elements are spaced out. They are engraved with the names of the Dukes (Oddantonio da Montefeltro, Federico da Montefeltro, Guidubaldo I da Montefeltro, Francesco Maria I Della Rovere, Guidubaldo II Della Rovere, Francesco Maria II Della Rovere, Federico Ubaldo Della Rovere). The three rock crystals on the plates allude to the Dukes' virtues.
Daniela Banci, Illustrious Men Necklace, 2023, sterling silver, white agate, Ø 21 cm
The necklace is dedicated to the Illustrious Men painted by Giusto di Gand and Pedro Berruguete in the Studiolo of Urbino: philosophers, poets, scientists, men of great intelligence and Doctors of the Church - both of the distant past and contemporary - selected according to precise educational-encyclopaedic aims that reflected Federico da Montefeltro's predispositions. The jewel is composed of four curved, jointed frosted silver plates on which three white agate stones are placed. The quadrangular stones with smoothed square corners allude to the Illustrious Men's  virtues. In the Studiolo, these excellent personalities engage in perpetual dialogue with the Duke, but also with their different skills, and with visitors, who are projected into an extraordinary  holistic view of man.