the new banci banci jewels

the new banci banci jewels

Cactus – Marzia Banci

The ring pays homage to the Jardin de Cactus (Cactus Garden) in Lanzarote.
The plant, basking in the sunshine, still and spiky, shows the geometric perfection of its spines. The woman who wears this ring can “dominate those spines”. 

18ct gold and iron ring.
Tsavorite and diamonds.

Square In Motion – Marzia Banci

The two rings are joined at only one angle, and can move freely.
Different materials, movement, and stable shape – four angles, four sides.
The woman who wears them will make geometry static or dynamic. I entrust them.

Silver and iron ring with set black diamonds.
Silver ring with set white and black diamonds.

Wavewanderer – Marzia Banci

The Atlantic Ocean stretches between the two waves.
Hatches in the large water mass reveal a few living beings swimming to the surface to breathe.
Similarly I, the latest of my predecessors, yearn for the depth of that amniotic liquid despite living on terra firma. 

Silver bracelets with set black and white diamonds.

Cassiopea Caph – Daniela Banci

It is useful to know the names of the stars to feel them closer to us.
The woman who wears the jewels inspired by Cassiopeia will walk among the stars. 

Bracelet, 18 ct white gold, silver and brilliant cut diamonds.

Earrings, 18 ct white gold, silver and brilliant cut diamonds.

Banci Banci