banci banci at pinetum 05

banci banci at pinetum 05

An invitation welcomed with great pleasure.
On the 29 of September, Banci Banci will be the guest of Pinetum 05, a biennial of art and design, this year’ dedicated to sculpture.
The event, now in its fifth edition excluding the one called 00 in 2013, is unique in its kind and redefine a new way of telling and experiencing creativity.

The artists who participate in this formula conceived by Bruno Boretti, assisted by Silvia Fabbroni and Guidi Pellegrini, live the creation of their works within the exhibition space, a truly unusual space.
The event takes place in a historical park, the Pinetum precisely, and the works become part of the space.
The Pinetum is an area of ​​about three hectares that Giuseppe Gaeta, in the nineteenth century, decided to populate with species of trees that came from all over the world, making us reach an area of ​​historical value.
Inside the park there is an amazing seventeenth century Villa to which Bruno Boretti has given a new life, tuning the ancient spaces with contemporary art and design.

Banci Banci will be a guest with his jewels in the main room of the Villa and will participate in this dialogue between art and times.

We are waiting for you on Saturday the 29 of September at Villa Gaeta Pinetum for Pinetum 05, from 4.00 pm: an incomparable immersion in nature and beauty.

Banci Banci